About the Doctor

Dr. Turton graduated from University of San Carlos, Guatemala with a degree in dental surgery. After which Dr. Turton opened and operated a successful practice in Guatemala City for 10 years prior to relocating to California. Dr. Turton obtained his California doctor of dental science license in 1999. He practiced as an associate for a major group practice in Orange County, California. In November 2001, Dr. Turton purchased his Orcutt, CA private practice, reorganized it, and reopened in 2002 as Santa Maria Family Dentistry. Dr. Turton is a member of the ADA, CDA and Central Coast Dental Society. Dr. Turton is certified in Oral Conscious Sedation.

Dr. Turton is married to Marie Turton and they have 2 sons. Dr. Turton enjoys hiking, jogging, bicycling, and riding motor cycles on the back roads of the Central Coast. Dr. Turton also enjoys socializing and telling stories with his friends and patients about his diverse experiences.

Dr. Turton enjoys the old town atmosphere of Orcutt, CA and the citizens of the Central Coast. “I love the Orcutt, CA area and my Orcutt, CA family practice. Treating patients with the best dental services available is my passion and performing these valuable services in Orcutt, CA is a wonderful experience.”


complete dental services in orcutt, california

Protect your smile and oral health with routine general dentistry services from Santa Maria Family Dentistry in Orcutt, California. Our family dentistry practice offers general dental procedures engineered to professionally maintain your oral health. With more than 30 years of experience, our dentist has the skills necessary to keep your mouth, gums, and teeth healthy and in perfect condition. Trust us to thoroughly maintain the dental hygiene and oral health of you and your family, and enjoy relaxed dentistry.

cosmetic dentistry in orcutt, california

Create a stunning smile with cosmetic dentistry services from Santa Maria Family Dentistry in Orcutt, California. Whether you have some tooth discoloration or you want to replace your metal dental fillings with healthier tooth-colored fillings, we have the cosmetic dental procedures you need to restore and makeover your smile.

We use only the latest cosmetic dental techniques and procedures to ensure that your cosmetic results will with stand up to years of regular wear and tear. Visit our dentist’s office today and let us keep you smiling for years to come!

Our Cosmetic Dental Procedures Include:

our general dental procedures include*: